Here you will find some notes on things related to the business of freelancing. Examples would be places I bought equipment from that were above average as well as said equipment. Or maybe I will just rant about how aliens are taking over the planet ...hmmm - no?

Resurrected Blog Ranting
Here I will rant a bit more in depth about art, art tools ... eh - who know what else.
Uberzilla Files-Returns

Anyway been meaning to create a new updated website but just haven't had much time - or been in the mood to work out a whole new design and catch up on new code tricks. Even been too lazy to drop in and attach a word press blog. So I'm just adding a few things to this ancient bit of webbery.
I suppose I could become another member of the cult of Facebook - but being part of a big data mining scheme just rubs me the wrong way. Besides - I still don't get it: Why tell people to check out your Face Book page instead of your website? I must be lame :)

So onto a quick topics: Drawing Tablets p:2014
Hardware p:6-21-2016
Linux Stuff p:03-23-2017
Latest Practice p:3-11-2016