Some notes on hardware Alternative Drawing Tablets

Way back in the day non WACOM tablets were not very good. Times have changed. There is now a great selection of very good tablets from various companies like Huion, Ugee, Monoprice and others. UcLogic and Huion appear to be the manufactures with others branding. Alternative tablets have gotten very popular. There is plenty of reviews and technical help online. All support Windows and Mac. Linux support has been building quickly - see DIGImend for info on Linux support for various tablets. These tablets usually have battery powered stylus. Batteries last a long time! I have 3 tablets. One From Ugee - an excellent tablet that works with Windows and Mac (and with latest 4.2x kernel - Linux): M708. It has pro level specs and a very decent price - very solid build. Second is an old Huion P608n. Huion discontinued it for a while, but apparently the reputation of the old P608n was so strong they brought it back. It is a great budget semi pro tablet that is very handy - and has automatic plug and play in most recent Linux distros. The third tablet is a Monoprice HA60 which - when I last checked - is still being made do to it's popularity. It is also plug and play in most newer Linux distros. It is a great entry level tablet.