align="left">Some notes on hardware Alternative Drawing Tablets

align="left"> Way back in the day non WACOM tablets were not very good. Times have changed. There is now a great selection of very good tablets from various companies like Huion, Ugee, and others. Alternative tablets have gotten very popular. There is plenty of reviews and technical help online. All support Windows and Mac. Linux support has been building quickly - see DIGImend for info on Linux support for various tablets. New info - my old gen 1 UGEE M708 suffered what I'm betting is typical - the mini USB port worked loose - thus it no longer works. It can be fixed by re-soldering. But the gen 1 is no longer supported in Linux, so I bought a 3rd gen M708. It has a molded in reinforned backing for the mini port - so this version should hold up better. The functionability is great. So if you are a Linux user, the UGEE team made sure the pressure sensitivity works ouit of the box. This tentatively makes the 3rd gen UGEE m708 a best budget pro level tablet - pro level meaning 8192 pressure sensitivity and decent cross platform compatability.