Latest One

Top part: A re-visit of a very very old story line I never got a chance to work out. This is a new version of the illustration for the end of one part of a large story. This is the 3rd attempt at this one - and I finally like it - still not quite finished - but close.

Next up is another old idea. Dancer vs Djinn. This paiting is only about 67% of the way through. I am currently - as of this posting working my way through the backgrounds and will then head back to the foreground. There is a lot to detail in this piece. You will see these curent top three advance periodically - assuming I exist :D -starving artist gallows humor-

Next up is an older abstract concept piece. This one is about 85% of the way done. The problem with having a lot of ideas and little time to get to them - well - in my case it means a lot of pieces in progress. In the past I would desperately try to rush things out. You just get severely compromised art.

Next - a fantasy piece that I started slapping together without a plan. using the Dryad character ala a storyline idea I worked up long ago. The same story line as the painting at the top - Centaurs last run. The dryad character is part plant and live in wooded areas - care takers of plant life. This one could be worked more - say 90% done.

Next - an old portrait sketch study, and some very very old figure sketches of tennis action. I decided to combine into a design type illustration. Though I plan to keep the art loose, I still have decisions to make.

Next - a piece that has been around recently - a fantasy piece. There is no story behind this one. It was just a sketch that I liked, and slapped a painting together from it. The homo sapien species, like all others, is very fairly adaptable. It is the nature of bio constructs. So when painting human figure, you have the wide range of features and skin tones. All are a product of genetic adaptation etc. The way light plays on different skin tones is a result of melanin, and other factors. So ... never enough time to include the huge variety of visual possibilities when doing figures - sadly. This had no reference - drawing and painting from memory - the years of observation. Sadly I have had little time to practice the skills and put the knowledge to the test. The lament of most starving artists. With this type of no so planned out piece - changes can happen. I initially was going to do a regular lion. But when I started jazzing up the female warrior figure - a regular lion seemed boring. So I painted him larger then normal, and added the sabre teeth. But in recent detailing out - I thouth it still wasn't enough. I had debated making it a pseudo manticore creature - so why not a very subtle take - just the stinger semi hiddem in the tuft of hair at the end of the tail - as opposed to the scorpion type thing.

Next a semi recently started piece - a slap together done from a practice sketch, that was based on a promo pick for an old movie.

Pulled an old practice rendering I started of the 60 tv series Batman - working from a promo photo from said show. Rather then just do a strait up rendering and collage in other characters - I decided to take liberties with the figures. I was rushing through it, when I first started and got busy with freelance work and set it aside. So - having some free time and wanted to just get some rendering practice in - I pulled this one and continued working it further. Still a ways to go ... maybe I will get it done :D Update: Well was able to get in some work on the BatMuscle and Babe piece. There are some things to clean up, but I think this is pretty much as far as I will take this .... but who knows :D

The old Dancer vs Djinn, which I have tinkered on - here and there - never really getting on it. Pulled it and got a tad more serious with the sketch. It was one of three pieces that I went at with the idea I would not reference anything - as a test.

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