Latest One

Top part: Inked art is part of a series in progress as time permits. Two more are in consideration. Going way back to an earlier style I used when I very young. The difference being that this is digitally inked and back grounds are made in photoshop as opposed to old school paint tricks.

In the upper right corner is an old junk color pencil practice piece done on low cost white paper. It was never meant to be anything other then a "pull out some traditional media and get your hands dirty" thing - usually tossed. I keep some around in case I want to experiment and that is what happened here. Those who use color pencil for serious efforts usually use color paper as white shows through the gaps and looks ugly. When I was young and limited in materials I would mix media often. I used to mix color pencil and acrylic it the technique I used to go over this junk practice - to create a more rich study level piece. I did however go off book on the reference. I initially had a reference picture but because i didn't really care outside of pushing the traditional media around - I stopped paying attention to it. When I don't stick to reference what happens is that data I store from every day watching of people (in this case women) mashes together and I render what comes to mind. So, although the likeness is blown, the re-acquainting with this old technique has me itching to do a more serious figure study ... and I have some old illustration board for the task - yahoo!

The bottom cartoon is an old character idea form so long ago ... well let's not go there. Anyway - this will be the fourth installment in the flat series of vector inked pieces.

Next - an old portrait sketch study, and some very very old figure sketches of tennis action. I decided to combine into a design type illustration. Though I plan to keep the art loose, I still have decisions to make.

Pulled an old practice rendering I started of the 60 tv series Batman - working from a promo photo from said show. Rather then just do a strait up rendering and collage in other characters - I decided to take liberties with the figures. I was rushing through it, when I first started and got busy with freelance work and set it aside. So - having some free time and wanted to just get some rendering practice in - I pulled this one and continued working it further. Still a ways to go ... maybe I will get it done :D Update: Well was able to get in some work on the BatMuscle and Babe piece. There are some things to clean up, but I think this is pretty much as far as I will take this .... but who knows :D Added - the old Dancer vs Djinn, which I have tinkered on - here and there - never really getting on it. Pulled it and got a tad more serious with it. It was one of three pieces that I went at with the idea I would not reference anything - as a test. The warrior woman with the saber toothed lion piece was another one of the original three non referenced art pieces. Here I did cheat. I looked up lion faces as I have drawn only a handful in my lifetime - so wanted to verify - I had the lion head look down. So not a full referenceing as I had it on target.

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