Latest One

The above rough digital sketches were done ... er still working - in MyPaint. I am not a clean sketcher- as you can see. I have known some artists who are very meticulous- even when roughing. I tend to scribble and erase until I start getting on target. As always, I think it is a good Idea for artists to periodically do non referenced drawing to solidify the knowledge they have and to help identify areas of weakness. Of course people are less picky about comic book figures but I still try to get the anatomy on target. On the left hand side is a comic book character of my own devising. Originally thought up back in the 1990s. I rushed out a painting of the character over a decade ago. Never got around to developing it out past the basic premis, which is that the character is a materialized abstract. Brought about by surges of rational outrage at injustice, she finds villans and reads their past. The scales tip one way or the other, and just action is taken. The lastest addition here - the action barbarian battle scene. Just a quick sketch with shadows and highlights added to pop it dimensionally- which I like. I was never much for flat line art. Probably because I started sculting as a kid - so that third dimension is part of what I do.

All artwork © 2000 to 2016 Ron Weed unless rights sold