Some notes on Linux - Opensource and the whole GNU :)

I first used Linux back during the Win 98 era. It was Red Hat. Because of MyPaint - an open source painting program - I had further incentive. MyPaint is one of my favorite programs. I have a few tough old Dell "D" series latitude laptops I use for various missions. All are dual or triple boot. I have tried many Linux distros. So For those with little or no experience wanting some extra info... here goes:
Some distros support many wifi cards. Some don't. Check to see which distro supports your wifi card "out of box" (out of box meaning it installs automatically, or it is an optional install). Choosing a desktop is somthing you will want to do. Many distros have several choices. If you have old hardware, or if you like to save on resources used by the desktop, you will should look to XFCE, LXDE for starters. Windows managers like Enlightenment, OpenBox, Fluxbox are excellent choices for more experienced users. If you don't mind having more resources used by your desktop, you probably have newer hardware then options like KDE plasma are cool. Mate is popular and is oft considered as a lighter desktop but is a bit heavier then XFCE. I am not too keen on Gnome. more