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This is a modest portfolio of photography. I have worked as photography for an auto sales magazine, as well as doing photography for web sites & brochures. Like most art students, photography was part of the course curriculum. I started out with a standard 35 mil manual camera, back when I was young. I now use digital for the convenience. This folio will show some of my extra curricular work. I do little or no post processing of the pictures. Hope you enjoy.
Below is a photo taken through two sets of old poured glass (French panes with a hung storm window), on the second floor of an old house. I spotted the critter fidgeting on the branch. He seemed unsure what he was going to do. Something wasn't right and he spotted me zooming in on him. Not an ideal shot - had to use faster speed to compensate for the wind. The smaller branches were swaying and the squirrel was moving about. In retrospect I am surprised I got what I did.

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