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This is a portfolio of digital abstractions. This was something I started doing back in 1996. Always a tinkerer / explorer, I started experimenting with filter combinations in photo manipulation programs. I started seeing I could make abstract pieces of various types. On a lark I sent some to a publication that, at the time, was the premiere magazine for the digital art genre. Surprisingly I got a call from the editor. They wanted to put one of the pieces in their gallery section as the lead piece. I was more then taken aback - given the enthusiasm of the editor, and that many big name digital art pioneers were showcased in this gallery. I just considered it tinkering, but the editor was very serious about the work. I didn't pursue this direction back then - as representational art and web design was soon to be a priority as I landed a gig on a Microsoft project called Sidewalk.
Below is a scan of the gallery page, which I kept. The abstract pieces from back then have mostly been lost. The ones in this gallery are new. It includes various types of abstracts - all produced from photographs I have taken. Some are highly abstracted, whilst others just so much.

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