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This is a portfolio and history of my participation in the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror art genre. I was first introduced to these genres at the end of high school. A book containing the best of the field in the seventies and early eighties. Artists like Boris Vallejo, Micheal Whelan. Sanjulian, Rowena, Darrel K Sweet, and many more. I decided to see about heading in the direction of engineering out of high school - and was engaged in self directed studies in epistomology, psycology, and related biology. So art was sidelined. I tinkered as I could and later I picked it back up - around 2002. I started posting on digital fantasy and science fiction art websites that started popping up. On one site called GFX artist - long since gone, I had the most viewed art piece. The feedback was excellent so around 2004 I started hitting science fiction and fantasy conventions with art shows. I also got my first cover - seen below. I also hastily enter a jurored contest put on by a prominent art site at the time - seen in the portfolio. I wasn't happy with the entry as I had very little time and was very rusty using oil. I have since periodically picked up small press covers and directly hired by a couple of authors - one in a different genre. The more recent stuff tends to be further into the portfolio. I never got to really get into the genre as I intended so long ago, but I take such work as I can. Times changed. I started in traditional medium and transitioned into digital.