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Traditional Studies by Ron Weed

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This is a portfolio, and history, of my sadly limited time in traditional medium. Due to other pursuits / studies, and matters of principle - my time in traditional mediums was severely limited. I figured with my varied interests, I wouldn't get to too much, but unfortunately it worked out the way it did. Other interests were strong - one made me set art second in priority for quite a while. Here are some practice studies. I never got to serious work in traditional medium.
The study below was a second stage warm up for what was going to lead to me doing an all out oil portrait study with serious intent. Because of my lack of time in practice in painting and drawing - I decided on a compensating strategy. Starting with one or two simple graphite pencil studies of the subject, and then go to a color study. By that time I have aquainted myself with the persons facial geometry - thus eliminating a variable - leaving just my lack of time in the oil medium. Sadly that got side tracked.
The final piece, in this portfolio, goes all the way back to my youth. The rest range from 2004 up until 2019 - the simple abstract tinker. It was part of warming up in acrylic, which I hadn't used in many years. I started some studies that I haven't finished. Though digital medium has come a long way, I personally think serious fine art effort is better done in real mediums.