It happened in 1945, near the end of the war. An event that would never be told to the public. Humanities violent nature had unleashed forces they could not have imagined. Those who survived, were never the same ...

Human history is checkered with violence. Sometimes this violence leads to large groups of humanity seeking to destroy other groups, for the sake of hegemony. Who will dictate terms to whom. Who will be the master, and who will be the servant. Who will control resources. With atrocities committed on all sides, and throughout history - what would happen if the universe were an entity - observing the out of control violence of mass warfare? What if it responded in kind?

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A semi animated, semi interactive, light weight web comic.
This is set up for desktop / laptop viewing but does work on most phones.
Written and produced in Juicy Brains Studio by Uberzilla aka Ron Weed.
Based on the original story "War Machines" by Ron Weed

Age recommendation 16 years and above