Animation Freelance

The Lil' Soccer project was a job I was hired to to do – doing two experimental play animations for a project under consideration. It didn't go further then 2 plays, but fun to do. The budget was low, but I tried to get a cool look direction started. Link Here - flash plugin needed: Lil-Soccer

The Bunny Hater project ...LOL. What can be said?. I was approached to do this job, and the description was along the lines of: people who disliked Bugs Bunny and might enjoy a simple I-Phone game where they can rough up a stand in. I did several sequences. This is very old and I lost the finals that were delivered due to a back up hard drive giving way. Link Here - flash plugin needed: Bunny Haters

This project / job was for a company that came up with a speech, voice emotion recognition, and key word capture algorithm. This is another very old job. Link Here - flash plugin needed: VOCI Software

So this is a quick look at some of the animation work I have done here and there. I have also supported other people's efforts with animate-able and background content. The above - project Zyllion was for a client who was a teacher seeking to put together an animation short. I just put some of the preset poses, and a small sampling of individual parts supplied for him, to complete his animation. I will link the animation files, for the first three, as soon as possible. By the nature of their purpose - all are small in size. They were also all on the low budget side.

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