Most Unusual Freelance Work

I have done a lot of technical art in many genres over the years. In automotive, Biology / sciences, electrical and infrastructure, procedural, and assembly. That said the examples above are off the beaten path. Doing a cut away on a high heel shoe with a proprietary insert is out there. I had seen tennis shoe cut away art and back packs - so what the heck. As a tie in: This is not my first job in fashion related illustration. The comic bookish characters on the right hand side were from a freelance job many years back. The job was to create the two characters from text description and also design the jersey top, shorts, hoodie, and sweat pants all with the logo incorporated. This was my first foray into clothing design - and not the last. I also got hired to do a series of sock designs. One other related job was more technical. I did a job for a tailoring company. The job was to do technical break down of different cuts, collar and cuff styles. Basically everything a custom suit tailor does. Next a request to do an action scene - comic book like action - with a product used for rescue, power line tower workers and more. The two basic design sketch mock ups are above it. Finally - there is the unusual safety reminder poster for ComED. They wanted something unusual - comparing athletes wearling safety gear and they want they workers to be as safe. They supplied the idea of using a baseball catcher. Though it had to be technical - I wanted to add some artsy illustration spin - hoping that if a worker took one home - their kids might actually think it's kind of cool. Next up - technical diagrams. Two diagrams for showing processes. Not my normal fare, but interesting to do. Next up are some 3D illustrations. Starting with a futuristic golf course with hovering spectator, video and advertising platforms. The client wanted many of the elements to be ultra simplified - like the trees and scrubs, etc. This was done for a series for a drone app the company had developed. There were two other such scenes. Next up was a 3D illustration with some of the content being pre-made and the rest modeled by me. All the side spots are modeling done by me and the small boat. The floating drill rig was a mix of me and a stock item. Only the tanker was a complete stock 3D model. The company manufactured foam core based items for marine use. Final 3D scene was done for a small bespoke exercise equipment builder.

The above collection of kids type art is another unusual side track. It started during a slow time and with little available - I took on the Cooper the Clock character for a series of pieces. The original character was a flat type art style. I talked the publisher into allowing me to do it as dimensional art. This led to me later picking up other kids type - or family friendly cartoon art. The flat tasmianian art was an example where I stepped in for another artist for a brief time. The other art, in the top right, was another example where I was given characters but talked the client into doing them dimensionally. The center is an example of pieces I have done for organizations involved in social causes.

The above was for a job - career development project. The request was to do characters somewhat similar to the movie Ants. I was It was done in vector - in this case Illustrator.

The above was a first. I was aware of etching type art and always found in impressive when done well. I had never been involved with it, but I hit a slow stretch and was invited to consider doing this work. It was not my art. I was hired to convert another artists work into workable vectors for laser etching. It is quite interesting.

The above flag art and design is another unusual job. I had done a flag design way back in my youth - but never something planned for a mass run. Because it is military it had very strict parameters - and I could only tweak things so much. The client insisted they would be able to handle gradients to create dimensional effects. So I focused on making the iconic portion pop dimensionally. I also wanted some extra pop in the text. I set the file up in pre separated color layers with the gradients on a one layer to allow for a more flat color rendition.

My freelancing path has had me doing some really diverse jobs. I have done many many technical art genres. I have done print jobs including: logos, brochures, and book covers. I have done illustration in various genres. I have done light 2D and 3D animation. I have done 3D product modeling and visual mock up rendering. I the past I even did front end coding - and briefly came out of retirement from such work around 2009 to re-format and re-style two websites, as well as doing graphics for them.

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