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This is a portfolio and history of my participation in 3D modeling and rendering. I first started out of curiosity. Then the crash of 2007-8 hit, and I was scrambling like many artists to get any work I could. So I pursued some 3D when other work was limited. Eventually I did a bit of work in this arena and got fairly decent as a basic all around 3D producer. Most of the stuff shown here is from past freelance work. I am unable to show some of the work I did, as it was for designers, and done under NDA. The two pieces below were low budget commissions for architectural design. The top one was for a regular client looking to visualize his future house, that he and his wife were going to build. The other was for a Native American community building to house various operations, from science research to community applications. Both provided interesting challenges, not in which was the least, both were done during rare work gluts. The Native American building was a challenge in that I was to mix a modern round glass building with an old traditional structure in the front. I used wood trim in the design to tie in the traditional with the modern. As I have liked native American cultural design sensibility - I felt a bit of pressure on this job. For the home I was given examples to use for working up the design. Along with a front privacy and open rear layout, I added a space enhancing deck along with passive energy elements.
The down side of 3D is that if you aren't working in the big expensive commercial packages - you are limited as to what you can get.