Genre Based Portfolio Resumes and Supplements

Linked below are genre based portfolio resumes, as well as some skill supplement additions. I have been a general practitioner thoughout my creative time. Working in technical art (in several genres), fine art / illustration commissions, book covers, and 3D visual mock ups, grapgics, logos, etc, and in the past - front end graphics and coding for web, and some 2D animation..
I exited in the html4 era - no longer up to date with the latest html5 syntax. This website ia all that is left from that era.

Overview Portfolio Resume - 5.7 megs file size
I have been in the art and graphics business for over 2 decades. This portfolio will touch on many of the genres I have worked in. From technical illustration to cartoons, to realistic illustration to graphic design and fine art. I have worked in many graphics softwares and in traditional art media. i was once in front end web doing graphics, animation and light coding - trouble shooting, browser compatibilty testing. I have covered a lot of ground in the field.
Photography Portfolio Resume Supplement
Photography is a sideline for me. I have done some work professionally for brochure, web usage, and for such things as pictures for creating texture maps for 3D work.

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