Ronald J. Weed aka Uberzilla (2024)

About the Artist
Journeyman artist who has worked in many art and graphics fields. Starting in high school - received first art commission - a job to render four sail boats. Was put in advanced commercial art classes in high school, as well as taking correspondence classes. Also taking drafting classes and self study in practical physics as drafting / engineering, and or art, was the path of interest. At this time art and engineering become a secondary consideration - to human psychology. Out of high school went into drafting. Not long after decided to leave behind the idea of engineering. An old school enthusiasm didn't match the trend of the auto industry, at the time. Went into the service industry for a long time - continuing to practice art when possible. Attended an occasional local community college for some more dedicated practice in art, and when computers started looked to be the future in commercial art industry. A few years later jumped into the graphics field as a contractor on a Microsoft project called Sidewalk. It was a front end web, and graphics position, with some customer service - but also became a go to browser rendering trouble shooter. Form there - an attempt to try to start a small graphics company failed. After a brief stint in labor - went into technical illustration - automotive. About a year later, after working up some digital illustrations - started attending science fiction and fantasy art shows. Won an online fantasy and science fiction website award for up and coming artists. Then an opportunity to teach at the local community college was offered. Spent two years doing so. Then an attempt to relocate west, for more possible art type work, fell through - the great recession hit. From that point on, working as a journeyman illustrator / graphics creator, in multiple fields - as can be seen in the general purpose website.